Gariep Gliding

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Arrival and Entry

You may travel via Johannesburg or Cape Town. If you book early, the flights can be as cheap as € 600. Best is to rent a car, they can be as cheap as € 20 per day. We can fit towbars if required. Distances to Gariep are 650 km from Joburg and 900 from Capetown.
The "Autobahn" is excellent. Petrol is half the price of Europe.
You can also fly to Bloemfontein and we could collect you.

Lefthand traffic ..... one gets used to it very quickly, just remember when you drive in early morning. But the steering weel is on the right hand side.

Your passport should be valid at least 30 days and of course beyond the expected date of departure. Maximum allowed are 90 days.

South African Embassy:

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