Gariep Gliding

Information for pilots

Here you can download the brochure:
>>> Gariep Dam Gliding Club Procedures <<<
It explains all procedures and requirements for the flight operation.

A medical conforming to JAR-FCL3 and a FCL-SPL is required.

Prior to the fist start we will have a detailed briefing and a check / introduction flight

Flight planning
>>> Download airspace <<<

>>> Download turning points <<<
Mark has brought together Gariep's old turn-point file and Bloem's file. All airfields are listed as xxx_AF and can also be viewed on Google Earth.
Many places, which were indicated in the old files as AF, did not exist. Mark has canceled these places, as well as all duplicates. All points are clearly visible in his Nano3. So there should be no problems in the LX devices.

Sunset times are on our notice board. These times are the official operating hours. It is up to the pilots to make use of the additional allowed 15 minutes. Note that the sun sets quickly in Africa.
No flights after nightfall and into forbidden airspace must be entered in the OLC.
Under no circumstances must the few airspaces be violated!

Gariep Dam Aviation provides any assistance and action for retrieval. The costs of the trailer will be € 250.

Membership in the SSSA (Soaring Society of South Africa):
It is a requirement that all pilots must become a member of the SSSA. Fee is € 60,- and will be issued upon arrival.

If you want to fly in South Africa, a validation of your license is required.