Gariep Gliding


Gariep Report 2018 / 2019

In this season we flew on 62 of 79 days, that is 80%. But because of the great comfort at the airport, the pilots sometimes stayed on the ground, preferably in our lapa.


Either way ...

Ausruhen im Lapa

Our good experienced alpha wolf, Holger Lentschig, was the first to start and motivated many undecideds. We flew 177,144 km in 437 reported flights with 64 pilots. In total, 20 of the coveted thousands and many "near misses" were flown.

Arne Neumayr made 9 of these 1000s with his JS1. On his last day, he was brought an even more beautiful completion, he landed at a farm and stayed there with typical very hospitable farmers. They always enjoy such unexpected visits.

The most spectacular flight was by Andreas and Jürgen Conrath 1,202 km in the Arcus with 131,09 km / h.

Tragic was the fatal accident of an English pilot on his 60th birthday. In strong wind he got on the slope north of the airfield in turbulence.


Pure Africa

Our towing machine caused us some grief, it is now being overhauled.

Best innovation was our very young crew. The youngsters always ensured a good mood on the ground. They performed their services in good spirits as well as at the weekly "braai" grill - at the airfield.

Oupa Oupa beim Grill

Our Oupa with Flam


Jason led the camp with an overview very confidently.

Astrid & Gunther

Getting to know gliding in South Africa

Why not combine the South African holiday with gliding?

The weather conditions in South Africa are very different from those in Europe.
Most likely, one or the other pilot will lick blood and plan a longer gliding trip in Gariep.
Gariep is also much more cost-effective than Namibia, and offers, as you can see in the OLC, excellent conditions for very long flights.
If you want to bring your own glider, we arrange the container transport. Gariep has two long asphalt runways. The unavoidable damage and overstressing of the glider on sand runways will not occur. There is also the possibility to park the aircraft in the closed hangar.